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In an exclusive interview with Sport360, Lewis Hamilton called for a five-minute protocol of caution when facing safety incidents on a race track, claiming that by the time he had recovered and started to call for help, “they weren’t even on the race track anymore.”

This incident is the latest of what many call a shocking series of crashes involving cars and cyclists since the introduction of the Formula 1 Safety Car in 2008, and follows a previously-detailed report by the BBC that stated the problem is due to drivers using phones.

Hamilton said the issue “is horrendous. If the phone is not on top of the hand luggage, it’s on the floor or it’s in the taxi, or it’s in the room, or it’s in a taxi. The 輪椅的士電話 driver should know. The taxi driver should know what time it is. They’ve got this mobile. You are in a wheelchair now, in a wheelchair. It’s a wheelchair taxi. It’s a wheelchair taxi now. A taxi driver should know what time it is, and that’s why it is so irritating. That’s my full comment.

Hamilton has had to adjust his strategy after his accident with Ricciardo in Austria. Getty Images

“If the car’s in a taxi, it should take you straight there. Obviously you don’t get one of these taxis all the time. So for me it’s just a message to get out of your phone, put it in your pocket, get out of your wheelchair, go into the taxi, tell the taxi driver the time, give your name to the taxi driver. The time you want to get dropped off, the name of the driver and that’s it. It should not be five minutes, it should be five seconds. It’s ridiculous.

“If you’re in a wheelchair and you go to the toilet, or go to the wheelhouse of the taxi or whatever, and you’re not in the wheelhouse and the taxi driver is using their phone to call someone, or they’ve got a full plate of food or whatever, or they’ve got a phone to call someone, or they’re on their phone chatting to somebody else, it shouldn’t be that you sit there and watch this cab and have to try and speak to this person.

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