Gujaratwas alwaysa popularlocation for innovation and business.The state has developed variousstartup-friendly policies to fuelthedreams of entrepreneurs who are aspiring. Vadodara is a renownededucational and industrialhubin Gujarat is also catchingupwith this burgeoningtrend of startups.The city has a lot of potentialforindependent professionalsas well as entrepreneurs acrossvarious niches.

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It doesn’t matter if you’refreelancer or work withthe luxury of a small staff and need to find a cost-effectiveoffice spacecan be a challenge.This is especiallyessential for companies that are starting out duetobudgetary restrictions.Fortunately,Vadodarais home tomany of the most sophisticatedcoworkingspaces that offer world-classamenities. From hot deskstodedicated cabinstoconference rooms and meeting roomsCoworking spaces can providea wide range of facilities.

Ifyou’re looking foran coworking spacein Vadodara then check outthe following list:


Are yousearching fora centrally-located yet affordable sharedofficesin Vadodara?  Coworking space in Vadodara Head straight toiSpaceHublocated onVasna Road and check out theirstate-of-the-art coworking space. Withover a hundredworkstations as well as a couple ofmeeting rooms,iSpaceHub hasvarious flexible plans to suityourrequirements.Workstations that plug and play providetheinfrastructure needed to kickstartyourentrepreneurial journey.

Thefully furnished workspace is fittedwiththe finest facilities,such asair conditioning, power backup parking, and air conditioning. Otherfacilities likea pantry, wheelchair,personal lockers, etc. are alsoavailable.Another plus isthatthis property can beeasilyreached viapublictransport.It’s also one ofthe coworking spaces that areaccessible throughout theday.

It is also worth mentioningthat iSpaceHub ismore than justan excellent coworking spacein Vadodara.Furthermore, it’s a placeof innovative and dynamicprofessionals that offers you apossibility to connect with otherothers who are like-minded.There are also opportunities to take partinvarious events, includingmentorship programs, workshops,TEDxevents, etc.

Facilities: Plug-and-play workstations,Ergonomic furniture, WiFi,AC, Powerbackup,Wheelchair accessibility,Kitchen, Printerandscanner,projector, Personalstorage lockers and CCTV monitoring,Networking & mentoring events

Price: Starting at INR200/hour

2. Master Space

In the bustling areaof Alkapuri, thisis a coworkingarea that hasan energeticworkplace.You can select from variousoptions , such as flexi desks as well asprivate cabins, dedicated desks or private cabins.Conference halls and meeting roomsare alsoofferedonMaster Space.Additionally, it provides youwithtop quality facilities and moderninfrastructure.

Master Space also provides you with theright ambiancetohelp you getyourcreative juicesflowing.With ergonomic chairs andbeanbags, the Master Spaceoffersthe right fusionofa business office andan energetic atmosphere.Additionally, it gives youthe chance to interactandconnect withprofessionals from differentfields.With ratesat as low asINR50 per hour, Master Space is ideal forfreelancers, startups in the early stages, and SMEs.

Facility:WiFi, Air conditioning Equipment for video recording,Printer and photocopier, Projector, Meeting rooms, Personallockers, bean bags and complimentary parking.beverages

Prices: Starting at INR50/hour


The coworking space inVadodara isperfect for startupswithsmall teams , as well asfreelanceprofessionals. Located amidst peaceful surroundings, WRKPLACE is thoughtfully-designed to nurture your creativity and fuel your entrepreneurial dreams. virtual office Space in Vadodara   Themost appealing aspect is thatmembershave access 24 hours a day tothe shared office space located inVadodara.

You can choose from variousmemberships options such ashourly, weekly, monthly, and yearlyplans.Furthermore, you can request aa customized quote based onthe needs of your. WRKPLACEhasshared desks,workstations with dedicated workspaces with private offices, as well asmeeting rooms.When you needto take a break fromlong hours,simply headto thelounge with a terrace. Thenearby pantry can also servetasty foodand coffee.

Services:WiFi, Air conditioning, Kitchen, Terrace lounge and meeting rooms, personallockers,Printer & scanner Access to parking, 24×7 Events and workshops for networking

Cost: Starting at INR100/hour

4. DevX_Vadodara

The location is in the centerof the cityonDr. Vikram Sarabhai Marg DevX_Vadodara is a cutting-edgecoworking space. Neptune Edge, the buildingwhich houses DevX_Vadodarais theonly tall building inthearea.It isa premium attraction andthe most important point of interest.So, if you’reseeking a coworking spacewithinVadodarato impress your clients,thiscould bethe ideal choicefor you.

Apart from all modern amenities, this pet-friendly coworking spaceoffers a luxurious recreational areathat has a library anda foosball table. DevX_Vadodaraalso offers shared accommodationfacilities and an onsiterestaurantthat includesvegan food options.While the cost of rentingison the higher end but the high-end amenities are worththeprice.The property is also knownas a remarkably tight-knitgroup that hosts regularmeetings, workshops,and other events.

Services:WiFi, Air conditioning Ergonomicfurniture Printer, Projector,Conference and meeting rooms,CafĂ© and restaurant on-site, Library, Board games, outdoor terrace and lounge and shared accommodation. Parking Workshops and events Access 24×7, pet-friendly

Price: Starting at INR 500 per day

5. The iPlex

Ifyou want a coworkingspace in Vadodarathat isoutfitted with the latest technology Don’t forget about Corprate Office in Vadodara The iPlex. Chromecast, recording studio, photo studio, VR equipment – you name it. The iPlexhas everythingunder one roof , allowingyou with thelatesttechnology for your start-up.The building even has anauditorium, where you can hostseminars and other business events.

InAlkapuri in the Alkapuri region, thisoffice space islocated in Alkapuri, which is surrounded bymany of the most sought-after5-starhotels, shopping centers,andbusiness establishments. ThiscreatesThe iPlex one of the most sought-afterand premiumcoworkinglocationsin Vadodara.The building also housesan art gallery as well as arelaxation room that canaid you in relaxing betweenmeetings, conferences, andphone calls.This shared office space inVadodaracan also be used bycreative freelancers like photographersmusicians, designers, etc.

Services:WiFi, Air conditioning and VR equipment, greenscreen Studio for photography, Recordingstudio,on-site dining andcafe, accessible for wheelchairs, Art gallery, Meditationarea, Lounge, Freeparking, Acceleratorprograms,Community events, Incubator programs with access 24 hours a day

Price: Starting at INR 10000 per month

Vadodaraoffers a rangeofmodern coworking spacesforentrepreneurs and freelancers. While someof them will provideusers with the latest technologies while others offeran environment that is alivewith energy.Whatever your budget andthe size of your group, you’lldiscover a shared officein Vadodarathat will meet your needs.

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