No matter what level you’re in within your relationship, it may be difficult to tell someone what you think, especially if you’re feeling is hot. Although technology has made it much easier for two individuals to talk however, it can be awkward if it’s not something you’re used to. It takes some effort and a lot communication to have sexual intimacy. There is currently a pandemicCouples are being forced to be together and those who are are confronting additional issues (like the possibility of having to have physical dates). If sexting is something that you’re thinking about, how do you start?

How do you start sexting?

The simple answer is Consent. Consent. It is extremely important that the person at the receiving of your message is willing to communicate with you. It requires constant communication. It requires constant contactSociety programmed people to believe that if a woman sends you an unintentional naked photo of her, then you should be pleasedBut consent is a two-way street.

A awareness could make it easier for both of you to avoid the awkwardness of. What if you send someone an inappropriate text message while he or she is showing their lolaa video on their phone‘di ba? You’d be putting that person in a difficult spot and you didn’t consent to having them see the message you sent. If you’ve never had a discussion regarding sexting before then bring it up while you two are already enjoying the moment. After you have agreed on terms, you can let your partner know by saying something that is semi-safe like “Bored , ako.” What would you say to me if we were to be together in the present moment?”

Are you unsure how to proceed? Here are other ways to try Sexting:

  1. Imagine physical. The whole reason you two are sexting this moment is that you can’t be physically together , and you’re trying to recreate the experience. So something along the lines of “I’m somewhat cold right now. I wish you were in my corner to keep me warm.” Or “Remember when we got frisky last movie day natin?” I can’t wait to do the same thing again.”

  2. Tell your fantasies. Ask them about their sexual desires. This is a fantastic way to let your partner know that you’re interested in investigating your partner’s inner thoughts.

  3. Rely on pop culture. This one’s for if you’re really, really mahiyain and you’re unable to get yourself to talk about what you need (yet): You can be referring to a hot scene from a show or movie. And I’m almost certain you have at the very least one scene in your mind. Like, “Do you remember that one episode from when …?” Do you want to go back and watch it? LOL We promise that they’ll be able to tell where you’re headed in this.

  4. You can, for instance, just ask for a pic. “Send me a photo of yourself today.” Given that you’ve both already consented to this, the urgency from having to “see” someone right away can be be a huge draw for. Now the question is: if you’ve never had the pleasure of sending a sexually explicit photo and you’re not sure how to take the perfect picture?

How can you capture a picture of a thirsty trap?

If–and only if–you’re comfortable snap an explicit photo and emailing it to someone, it really boils down on the lighting and angle. I’m not sure if don’t mind me saying that I don’t enjoy images where the dick fills up three-quarters of the photo. consider that a missed opportunity, lol. You’ve probably figured out your angles by nowIf you are looking to achieve your goals you’ll have two options: you can use the natural light source that is always trustworthy or experiment with shadows to entice your partner.

An important reminder:

Technology, however wonderful it is, has its drawbacks. People lose their phones and their accounts get compromised. A lot of people have experienced being hacked, and many of the culprits were trusted people. This should be considered when discussing the boundaries of sexting with your spouse. These risks could even impact the kind of photos you are comfortable sharing and taking. It’s all about coming together to make an informed decision.

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