Auto Mate Systems Ltdprovide and install automatedsliding gatesacrossthe UK.They offer security that is high frompedestrian and vehicularintrusion 24 hours a dayandcan beused in conjunction with a variety ofaccess control methods, such asswipe cards, proximitycards, intercoms, andradio transmitters.

Automated sliding gates are themostpopular method of securingsites with remote-controlledsurveillance cameras. So,forinstance,the gate(s)can be operatedbysomeone inthe CCTV monitoring station inan area that is not in the same country.automatic gateSliding gates are extremelysecure because thegatefunctions like a pieceof fencing andopens to allow access.Theswing gatehas nointrinsicfulcrum(as the hingesontheswing gatehave), so it cannotbepushed open or rammedby a force of frontal force.

A sliding gateis operated bythe drive rack(steel barwithsteel or nylon teeth carvedorattachedwith a bar) that is poweredthrough a motor withan geared cog that iswhich is compatible with the teeth ofthe driveracking. It isvital to selectthe right motorforthe gate, and one thatcan handle the amountofoperations thatthegate’s sliding mechanism will havetoperformwithinonehour.Keep in mind that sliding gates arenotfast-moving devices, so if you havethe highest volume of traffic during shift’s startand end times, thenit’s worth considering lettinggates open duringbriefperiods of time or placingthe gate eitheron a timer system or controlledby a specificaccess control system- pleasetalk withtheProjects team tofindthe most ideal and effectivesolution for your property.

Thechoice of motoris the key to deciding the type ofracking to be used forsliding gate manufacturing. Nylonteeth, nylon racking that is fittedto an angle of steel ispredominantly used on domesticgatesthat run silently.automatic sliding gateMod4steel racking is employedon gate motors capablemovinga gate ofup to 2600 kg andMod6 steelis suitable forgatesthat weigh more than that andup to 6000KG. Auto Mate Systems Ltd. can advise youon the right motorsize, racking requirements andstocks all sizes of.

The sliding gatecan be activated withvarious kinds of access controlequipment,includingdigital keypads,press button radio buttonsaccess cards or proximity devices,bio-metricreader, photocell orinduction loops and, morerecently, via mobile phoneconnection.

Whenthinking aboutwhat a gate should look like,it isimperative that considerationof safety concerns.As a company likeAutomate Systems Ltd, weoffer full guidancein all areas to ensurethe best type ofgatethat meetsyour requirements. We will also guaranteethe highest quality of supplyand installation, which includestest of force at the time ofthe commissioning.


Gates that slide on tracksrun on trackswhich is inserted into the roadway.It is made froma strong beam at thelower part of the gateinto which are settwobearing wheels.They are fixed tothe railwhich allowsan extremely heavygate toroll backwards andahead smoothly. Thisgives the possibility forthe gate’s design to bemore robust and stronger, allowingthe gate’s span to goat 12 metres or more,and heights up to2.4metres.When coupled withthestrong support frame orportals, offers ahigh and securesliding gate.

Theamount of clearance neededfor a tracked slidinggate issomewhat less thanthe space required for a cantileveredsliding gate. This is becausethe frame andmotor and frame maynotneed to exceed 1meter.garage doorsIt would result in arunback area ofgate opening, plusan additional metre to accommodate thegate support and motor. Itis essentialthat the running track beeven and flat.Any slight incline couldnotonly triggerthe motor towork more than what it mighthave been designed for but also could createdangers to safety,should it become necessaryin order to manually operate your gate.All of these are aspectsto consider when designing a sliding gatesthatour highly trained engineerswill discuss with youwhencreating your track-basedsliding gate.

We can offer:

  • Installation and supplyof a fullyoperationalandfully automatedsliding gatesystem.
  • A 12-month warrantywithall installations.
  • Various levels of maintenance contractsto meet your needs(allwith competitive prices).
  • An effective design solution foryourparticular site.
  • Technical information and diagrams ofcables that we use for our products.
  • The specification of the materials you requireto assist you in yourdesign of your building.

To request a priceon an automatedsliding gate system , or tosimply receive more information onoursliding gate systems that are automaticor any other systemsyoumight beinterested in,contact us today.with us via telephone or fax

It doesn’t matter if it’s a commercialor residentialbuilding, ensuringsecurity isthe main goalfor every property owner.There must be essentialand appropriate security protocols installedin your premises.

Since gates are the mainsource of entry and exit the proper attention should beprovided when installing them. Modernsliding doors for autoarethe most popular optionfor a varietyofbuildings.They are a great choice for homes with a lot of traffic.AutomaticSliding DoororSensor Door Systemsuppliercan help you findtheright kind of gatesfor your properties as peryour needs and budget.

Here are somebenefitsof installingauto sliding doorsandswing gates.

  • Convenience

Automated gatesare popular worldwidedue to their simplicity.There is no needtoget out ofyourcarfor opening or closing the gate.It will operatecompletely automatically usingsoftware programs.There is no needto remember to shutthe gateeverywhenever you enterthe property.The gate will automatically close oncethe vehicle arrives.

  • Ensure Higher Security

If you choose to havegreatersecurity,you are guaranteedthe advancements in technology. Auto Sliding Gate and Auto Swing Gatemanufacturers designandconstructthese systems with the aidof advanced technologies to ensurethat you have the highest level of security forthe assets and your homes.Options like automated locks andintegrated safety beams are highlyefficient features inthese gates.They provide the highest level of securityas compared tomanual security of conventional safetyalternatives.

  • Enjoy More Durability

Modern sliding gatesare developed and designedfor the purpose of enduringwear and tear.The latest technologies are usedin order to make them sturdyenough to last for a long time. They arespecifically designed to provideexceptional functionality, for the most effectiveperiod of time.

Enhance Visual Appeal

If it’s your residenceproperty or a commercial one, stylish and appealing automaticsliding doorswill enhancethecurb appealof the.YourAuto Sliding Gate and Auto Swing Gate Manufacturerwill design custom gatesin accordance with your designandrequirements for size.

SRTEC Automation offers a widechoice of automated gates,sliding doorsand other typesofindustrial and commercialentrances. Wewill provide you withtheright style, sizeandlayout to matchyour choice. Our productswill ensureyour safety and securityyourproperties.They’re strong, durable fashionable and reliable.

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