When cleaning glass it is very important to create the necessary conditions to get the best results. If you are cleaning the windows of your home, it is important to remove debris from the windows before using the vacuum cleaner.

When bleach is used, it mixes with process residues that are difficult to remove and forms a soapy film that coats the glass.

Remove window frames and screen

No matter how well-designed your home’s windows are, dust and other environmental pollutants accumulate on the frames and screens. So, once or twice a year, you can remove the frame or screen from the window and clean it thoroughly.

To do this, use a screwdriver to remove the gasket and carefully remove the window. Use a vacuum cleaner, spray bottle or sponge to clean. This allows for cleaner and more efficient work. Also, the aesthetics of the player are excellent. Do this and put the window back.

Use a glass cleaner

To use a Rengøring Erhverv, you should apply a product recommended for cleaning these types of items and spread it over your face with a sponge or cloth. Then, if you choose an automatic cleaner, turn it on and it will start cleaning the glass, absorbing the used solution and leaving the glass clean.

After you buy a book, place it in a cup and let it sit under pressure to cool and absorb moisture. Once you get to the bottom of the window, the towel will dry the wiper head.

What to wear

When using purchased tools to maintain clarity and opacity, you know what to use for best results. In supermarkets and specialty stores you can find special products for cleaning glass surfaces.

You can save some money by making your own cleaning solution using one cup of vinegar, a few drops of dish soap and 1 1/2 cups of rubbing alcohol as standard. This makes it easier to spray the windows. Follow the same procedure for cleaning windows with this solution.

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