Free money cancer patients can receive is staggering. สล็อตเว็บตรง Medicare and private insurance pay out around $4.8 billion per year in overpayments, but according to a recent report, a third of that money is unaccounted for. Also, there’s a staggering 70 percent payout rate for veterans with cancer — but that may not be enough for those receiving the cancer care.

Thirty-two percent of veterans with cancer say they were subjected to excessive pain medication. According to the VA, they made only half of the clinical appointments they should have in order to receive their mandated cancer treatment. In addition, they failed to take cancer-specific tests in 90 percent of cases, and only 3 percent of the tests were graded a 1 — the standard for treating certain cancers.

Obamacare won’t save our veterans’ lives. เว็บสล็อต But right now there is a bill called “ Free money Cancer Patients ” on the desk of Congress. It would replace the high-priced Obamacare plans with a free option. And it’s truly free. It costs the government nothing — all it needs is a waiver to the Veterans Administration and the authority to use the Veterans Administration’s emergency fund to pay for emergency healthcare.

Of course, Obamacare is a great example of how Democrats make promises they don’t keep. But that’s how they do it, so why should we be shocked? They don’t really care about their promises, they only care about getting free money for their wealthy donors. So in the meantime, free cancer patients for seniors would provide the money the Democrats need.

The other big news is what the VA is reporting in regards to its free cancer patients. It says that the vast majority of veterans who participated in a voluntary survey have decided to switch to the free option, but apparently the veterans think it is free because two-thirds of them said they didn’t feel they had enough time to make the change. That’s hardly a vote of confidence.

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