Introduction App

Download Google Account Manager Apk latest version 2020 for Android. ThisapplicationisanGoogleaccount management tool forAndroid devices. Itlets usersmanage Google accountson mobile devices quicklyand efficiently, useful forany type of user. Google Account Manger APK is part of the Android operating system. It can helpusers manage theirGoogle accounteffortlessly.

Google Account Manager utilityoffers a user interface that issimilar to the version onlaptop or PC platforms and is well-knownforGoogle users. Theprimary options are simplified even for users who are newtooperate easily.Actually, withGoogle Account ManagerGoogle’saim is to getyou to usetheir account on your newAndroid phone.

You can refer to howtounplugyourGoogle accountonan Android phonewhen you want to usea new account ordon’t want to revealsensitive information. How tolog out oftheGoogle accountonan Android phoneguided by usmore detailsin thetips section.

Google Account Manger APK Google Account Manager isusefulin the sense that it permitsyou to transfer fromone device tothe next whilepreserving data and settings inyouGoogle account.Itprovides you with the capability toactivate notificationson the screenwheneverthere are new emails , orany other changesthat occur onyour account. Youcanmodify your account detailsregularly , without having to signin.

Main Features

  • The familiar interface is easyto use
  • Allows usingthisGoogle accounton a variety ofAndroiddevices
  • Make sure you keep your data and settingswithinyour Googleaccount.
  • Turn on notificationsdisplay on the screen when there isthe account has a new email address orothermodifications tothe account.

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Reviews Of App

You should be awarethat thisapp is distinctthanGoogle Admin.You can use this applicationto manageyour accounton your own and thensync it with yourmobile devices.In contrast, Admin is application toaccess the paid version of thecloud service.You act as admin tocontrol and manage theother users workingon the same cloud platform. Asadmin, you haveseveral authorities to keep the systemin balance and avoid any unwantedcircumstances.

It’s true thatAdmindoes not differthanGoogle Account.Some users usemanyGoogle accountfor different purpose.You can use one accountfor personal and private task.You also have accountforbusiness and work.The other account is used for specialrequirements or urgent issues.There are so manyaccountsonthe ready, it’sdifficult tomanage without this account managerapplication. Imagineyou need to openGmailfrom multiple accountssimultaneously.One crucial issue is whenyou cannotrememberthe passwords for all accounts.You can still dial a phonenumberfor verification.

The management of accounts is the mainobjective of this app.If you are using anAndroidsmartphoneat first,you havetosatisfy certain requirements.The account manager offersdocuments to fill in suchasemail account numbers, phone numbers,and passwords.Other things are questionto synchronize and verification. Google has releaseda variety ofversionsof Android.You should checkthat your account manager is working withGoogleaccounts manager as well asAndroid.This application might not workwell after you updateto your system. Thebiggest problem isyou will lose all ofaccount , so you need to startfrom beginning.So long as bothaccountsare linked to the same phonenumber, youwill notneed to be concerned about restoringit to its normal state.

EveryonerecognizesAndroid as theprimaryoperating systemthat smartphones use. Google decides toletAndroidbe an open source project tomanufacturers and developers can studyandexpand it extensively.However, smartphone userswillreceiveGoogle application asbasicplatformto runthis system.So, you’lldiscoverGoogle account managerlatestAPK 6.0.1 (23).As you are aware,Androidcomes in a variety of differentversions,so this appcan also be used withany version you have onmobile devices. Themain purpose forthisapplicationis to manage yourGoogleaccount, so youcan access most ofapplications and features on smartphones.One account fromGooglecan be extremely helpfulto support everything onAndroid device.

Google Account Manager File Information

Lastupdated: October 16, 2017
Developer: Google LLC
Version: 6.0.1 (23)
Requirement: Android 6.0
File size: 7.9 MB
Uploaded: October 16, 2017 at 10:59AM GMT+07
MD5: 80c7f4e70b00d582aea072ea497b2539
SHA1: 2897bd5fbe06d8655d9e859622327027f8608202

Google Account Manager app review

You need to knowthat thisapp is distinctin comparison toGoogle Admin.You can use this appto manageyour accounton your own and thentransfer it to yoursmartphone.In contrast, Admin is application toaccess the paid version of cloudservice.You are admin andoversee and superviseother users workingin the same cloud system. Asadmin, you’re givenmultiple authority levels to ensure the system staysat balance then prevent unwantedsituation.

Actually,Adminhas a distinct distinctionfromGoogle Account.Sometimes, users havemore than oneGoogle accountfor different purpose.You use one accountfor personal and private task.There is also a separate accountforbusiness and work.The other account is used for specialdemands or urgent matters.With so manyaccountsatbeing in use, it’sdifficult tomanage without this account managementapplication. Imaginethat you have to openGmailfrom multiple accountssimultaneously.The most important issue is thatyou are unable torememberthe passwords for all accounts.It is possible to use a phonenumberfor verification.

Controlling your account is the primaryaim of this app.When you use anAndroidsmartphoneinitially,you will needtofulfill some requirements.This account manager provides someapplications to fill in, includingemail account, phone number,and passwords.Other items areto synchronize and verification. Google has releasedseveralversionsof Android.You should checkthat your account manager is working withGoogleaccount manager andAndroid.The application may not functionproperly after updatingto your system. Thebiggest issue is thatyou’ll lose all youraccount , so you need to startat the beginning.If theaccountsuse the same phonenumber, youdon’thave to fret about gettingthe accounts to their normal status.


  • You canmanage more accounts
  • Itprovides security levels.


  • Itwill need to be updated withcurrentAndroid version.

How to Use

Androidsmartphone usesGoogle accountto verify.To function properly it is necessary to sign up for anaccount in order to use allfeatures. Googleaccount manager available forAndroidcan manage the accounttogain access to the majority ofGoogle’s features.Google.After you have opened theapp, you will need to enter yourpassword and Gmailfor verification , then select amethods to confirm.Normally, you use singleaccountpersmartphone,but this applicationwill provides option foradditional account.You can also add additionalaccountswith password then chooseverification method.The app will sync everyaccountyou put to workcorrectly on smartphones usingAndroid asoperatingsystem.


  • Thisversion is apptoAndroid Marshmallow.

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