graco spray gun parts

Graco made a cute spray gun for the younger crowd, but the full adult model is much more interesting. The graco spray gun parts kit offers 10 parts in all:

An in-line water gun sprayer

A paddle brush to direct the spray of water

A whisker bar for cleaning and topping

Three screw sets

An open wound brush for making skin safe.

Two handles and hooks to hang

The grips on this spray gun have been made out of gun barrels and a wrench. This gives it an airgun vibe, but does make the gun useless for larger parts of your gun.

Each part comes in a plastic container with a soft bag for easy handling.

I found it easy to clean, but to get the spray gun to spray consistently I need to spray it regularly or it dries out after a few minutes. I sprayed it today, and hopefully it will spray more reliably over the next few days. I had high hopes for this spray gun for the range and looked at it as a potential new product for graco, but it just didn’t work out.

The graco spray gun parts comes with a graco spray gun spray bag.

I was happy to find graco hose parts, but they only have a 22′ spray hose, and this was only a minor concern. The graco spray gun is meant to be used over bare skin, and the hose was not designed for protection from things like a gun barrel or other gun parts.

graco shooting barrels

graco spray gun parts

Graco was pretty good with shooting accessories. They offer an out of the box spray gun and two gun barrels, but also offer other parts like airgun gun parts. You can get graco shooting accessories like gun guards, rifle packs, spray guns, and more. They also sell gun powder, bullet belts, and gun grips.

This graco accessory kit came with everything in the graco shooting accessories kit, including a graco spray gun.

I’m glad graco offers this kit for the older shooter, as it was pretty easy to add all of the gun parts to an old airgun and make it into an airgun for graco.


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