Play is one of the most important activities in a child’s growth and development. As the child continues to grow, so do the type of games they play, and cycling is one of the most popular activities for children. Depending on the type of bike your child is riding, it is very important to make sure they are wearing some type of protective gear and a good pair of kids cycling gloves is essential when pedaling. This is to protect them from injury in an accident and protect them from the elements.

Whether your kids love to ride the road or push the limits of their mountain bike, kids’ cycling gloves are an essential part of any Kids Cycling Gloves UK gear.

However, as a rough guide before digging deeper…

Which kids cycling gloves are best for the job?

For protection are long fingers vs. short fingers (trail / MTB gloves tend to have long fingers)

Street gloves usually have shorter fingers, but there are no hard and fast rules

hand protection

This is the main justification for requiring kids to always wear gloves while bicycling. Most children lose their balance after driving for a while and tend to use their hands to save themselves when they hit sand or asphalt. In this case, their hands can be easily bruised and cut, or at least cause a good gravel rash. However, with a good pair of cycling gloves, these types of injuries can be reduced or prevented.

Good Grip

In addition to protecting your child, Kids Cycling Gloves UK also provide a firm grip while riding. In hot and humid conditions, children’s hands tend to sweat, and if they are not wearing gloves they can slip off the handle. Sweating also increases friction, and baby’s palms can blister on a long journey.

Colorful cycling gloves

The gloves are available in different colors and combinations. Because it makes them feel good and makes driving more fun, this is crucial for kids. After all, that’s the main reason kids play in the first place. to have fun and be happy.

Types of cycling gloves for children

Cycling gloves are generally divided into 2 categories: road cycling gloves and MTB or trail gloves. These are then divided into winter or summer gloves.

Winter cycling gloves

A good winter cycling glove is waterproof and provides warmth and protection from wind and rain. A good example of winter gloves for kids is the Cresta Extreme Waterproof Kids Glove.

It is a warm and waterproof multifunctional glove for children, which can be worn in cold seasons while cycling and other activities. It provides brilliant protection against cold water and wind and has good breathability.

Summer cycling gloves

Winter and summer gloves are radically different from one another, and summer gloves are typically thin, breathable gloves. A good lightweight glove offers excellent grip on the handlebars with all the features you need for extra protection and exceptional comfort. Another great example is the Altura Youth Air Glove.

This is a great kids cycling glove with fingerless speed gloves. Their soft synthetic leather texture makes this kind of cycling glove for kids. Featuring advanced Altura Dry™ technology, this glove is specifically designed to wick away excess moisture from the skin.

Road cycling gloves

Winter gloves are very different from summer gloves, which are often thin gloves that let the skin breathe. Gloves should provide superior support and soft palm protection, both long and short.

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