You Tube has been paving its way to success today. You will often hear lots of people sharing their thoughts and comments on how well some You Tube videos are designed and posted and how they dream of having the same You Tube channel someday. If you dream alike, you should know that creating a You Tube channel is not just about uploading of videos and sharing them on other sites like Facebook and Twitter in order to expand your network and connection. There are many ways on how you can improve the viewing experience of You Tube Followers through your channel. You can take the short method if you want to make your popularity easier and that is when you Buy youtube views. Although this part may have some good and bad side. The good side is, you do not have to spend many hours awake counting on your new followers because you can actually have thousands of them in an instant. The not so good side is, when you buy instant views your obligation should not stop there, you should double up your marketing effort to achieve greater results than downgrading after an instant blast.

An enticing You Tube channel also starts and ends with the kind of videos that you upload. If you want to retain the interest of many people, you should upload out of the box video materials that will encourage them to find more videos on your site than leave you the moment they viewed your first video. You should also delete old videos that no longer make sense to make your channel updated all the time.

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