Theincrease in onlinetransactionssince the lockdown hasled tothe Philippines the market for logistics groweven afterthe pandemic.J&T Express, a newcompany in the field oflogistics,is planningtoenter the marketandrivalJRS Express and LBC Express.

Theservice has alreadyattracted a lot of attention inboth social and traditionalmediaevenwhen it was only launched inthe Philippinesonly in the year 2018.J&T Express is also apopular brand forsellersas well asbuyers.If youregularly purchaseatShopee You’ve probablyreceivedsome of your ordersby using this service for shipping.

J&T Express can provide adelivery service forthings to clients andlovedones.This guide willassist you in understanding j&t rates   and the delivery processas well as other aspects ofthe logistics company.

What’sJ&T Express?

J&T Express is an e-commerce express deliverycompany that operatesinthe Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia (where it wasfoundedin2015).Servingmostly small and medium enterprises(SMEs)and online companies theSoutheast Asian logistics provider gives online sellers theoption ofship their packages usingJ&T Express boxes or their own packaging.

HowJ&T Express Works

As a logisticsservice, J&T Express works justlike any other courier serviceinthe Philippines.Its wide variety of features that guaranteethe safety, reliabilityandpunctual deliveries is what helps itdistinguish itselffrom other delivery services.

J&T Express Delivery Features

  • National coverage, with more than400 J&T Express branches and warehouses
  • 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.all
  • Four-Service Platforms forShipping and TrackingPackages: J&T Express website and mobileapp Socialmedia [22 and24/7 customer servicehotline (02)8911-1888
  • Security packagepackages aremonitored by CCTVall hours of the day
  • GPS tracking systemfor monitoringdelivery trucks
  • Real-time tracking system
  • VIP Platform (self-service platform thatallows online sellers tohandle transactions, speed upJ&T Express delivery processes, andmuch more)
  • Claims system provides compensationforlost or damaged package

J&T Express Shipping Process

There are two options available forshippingthroughJ&T Express.Either you visitone of the branches todrop off yourparcels orpick them up fromyour home.

Howdo IShipusing J&T ExpressBranch Locations

  1. Fill outthe drop offrequest form onthe J&T Express Philippines website [3]orthe mobile app.
  2. Click the Orderbutton.
  3. Visitthe J&T Express branch nearest you.
  4. The barcode you generated atyour drop off booking.
  5. Send the packages toemployees.
  6. Youwill be chargeda shipping charge

Book J&T Express Pickup Service

For arranging the pick-upof yourpackage To book a pickup, go tothe J&T Express website, mobileapp, 24/7 customer supporthotline, or call thenumber of the branch nearest to you[44..The J&T Express pickup service iscompletely free.

J&T Express Rates 2021

J&T Express Philippines charges shippingfees based on thedistance between thepoint of origin anddestination of theparcel anditsweight.You can computetheshipping cost foryourspecific delivery usingthe calculatoron theJ&T Express website. [55

You can refer to thesetablesfor packages that weigh less than 6kg.

j&t shipping rates  from Metro Manila

J&T Express Philippines charges shippingcosts based on distance fromthedestination and weightof thepackage.The J&T Express Philippines website hasa calculator that will allowyou tocalculatethecost of shippingyour delivery.It is determined bythe distance betweenlocation and theoriginof the package, andtheweight.

J&T Express Boxes

You canpurchaseJ&T boxes on your ownat any branch in case youprefer toship your parcels usingJ&T boxes. jnt rates  areon the basis oftheweight and sizeof the box.

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