Making Impeccable Choices in Men’s Fashion

Men’s designer clothing is all about showcasing the results of exceptional materials, quality workmanship, and the smartest color and fabric blends. One thing’s for sure, the new Voi men’s designer collections highlight the latest looks in men’s clothing. With the retro jackets inspired by motorcycle jackets made popular in the 1930s and 1940s to the casual and easy styles of Voi designer jeans, tee shirts, Shop gallery dept hoodies, and sweats, there’s a lot to choose from this design label’s new seasonal offering.

The ideas are inspired by the creativity of some of the best and most talented designers in the industry; all the while remaining consistent in its quality, customer service, and ability to know the trends before anyone else. That’s the true definition of talent, no doubt.

Every garment that is released with the Voi logo is all about respect for fashion and commitment to providing affordable men’s clothing and accessories. Those who are already fans of Voi Jeans can relate to these statements; however, those who have not purchased a Voi design, they’re doing themselves a huge disservice if they don’t include at least a few pieces as part of their summer wardrobe. We know these folks are only a tee shirt away from becoming a Voi Jeans fan. It is, after all, why they do what they do.


While the brand continues to release new styles, there are already many to choose from, even as we’re still several weeks away from those truly warmer summer months. A few suggestions include:

• The Voi Hooded Shirt – This traditional checked shirt is brought into the 21st century with a Vlone hoodie and new cuts. Check out the Brad Red.
• Our new favorite – The Voi Shirt Alfred (we like it in grey) combines the classic pinstripe element and builds from there. It’s the classic button-down, but with incredible new style elements, including unique stitching along the hemlines, a hoodie, and wide diamond patterns that allow for texture and major personality.
• Sweats have finally received a much-needed makeover and we’re not even surprised that Voi Jeans gets the credit for making it happen. These super soft cotton sweatpants fit nicely in Voi’s designer clothing offerings.

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