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Milwaukee chiropractor Mark J. Pintar and his wife, Laura Pintar, left, sat in the Brewers dugout on Monday night, Oct. 1, holding the World Series trophy. It was not the first time the 67-year-old chiropractor has been on the team’s sideline. Picture from 2003. (Photo: Morry Gash, AP)
If the Milwaukee chiropractor Brewers have successfully pulled off an unprecedented feat, it’s one of which no one is likely to be cognizant: They’ve won the World Series but not the true championship, the one where an owner and manager are basking in glory and the team captains and coach are relegated to being cheerleaders.
Milwaukee’s Mike Milbury and Steve Yzerman and Terry O’Reilly gave up a pair of shutout losses at home to Pittsburgh in the 1982 Stanley Cup Final before another shutout loss in a lopsided seven-game Finals to the Islanders four years later in what might be the least competitive of all World Series.
With the exception of Clint Hurdle, Milbury doesn’t recall many stretches of sustained greatness for any of the six franchises that came closest to beating the Pittsburgh Penguins. The Pittsburgh World Series champion of 2010 fell by the wayside by losing four of six against St. Louis in a semifinal that turned into an absolute rout.
Milbury still won a championship, however, because of one player. Despite his debilitating back ailment, Milbury still managed to play more than 40 minutes a game for the Pittsburgh Penguins in the 1993 Stanley Cup Final, leading his team in scoring with two goals and an assist while establishing a new scoring mark for postseason play.
Buy Photo Milwaukee’s Steve Yzerman, left, hugs Milwaukee’s Terry O’Reilly after the second game of the NHL’s Stanley Cup Final in 1994. The legendary two-way forward was forced to leave the game early after his collarbone was broken when a skate dislodged his helmet on a hit. O’Reilly would recover to score the Stanley Cup-clinching goal for Pittsburgh.

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