Have you ever walked down the street at night and been mesmerized by all the bright lights of businesses that are advertising with neon signs? Of course, you have! Neon signs are an excellent way to catch the eye of potential customers who might not otherwise notice your business, but what’s the science behind picking the right neon sign? Let’s find out!

What are neon signs?

Neon signs are an extremely effective way to advertise a business. They can be seen from all angles and even in daylight conditions, they still catch your eye and make you want more information. We work with many different companies that choose neon signs because of how effective they are. Neon signs can be made in any size, so whatever your needs may be, we can build it for you! You can choose one of our pre-made designs or use our custom design process if you would like something specific for your business. Contact us today to learn more about what a custom neon sign from CustomNeon could do for your company!

Different types of neon signs

At Custom Neon, we create and sell neon signs custom. But what exactly is a custom neon sign? A custom neon sign is one that you choose yourself and customize in terms of its colors, shapes, fonts, etc. It can be more complex than that though. What if you want us to design your business logo as a neon sign? Or create an entire theme-based area with many different neon signs? That’s when your plan becomes something extraordinary—something unique and memorable for your customers. And there are many more options for neon sign customization than just choosing colors or fonts; did you know that we offer 3D signage projects too? If not, read on! You’ll learn about our customized range of Neon Signage solutions and decide which option fits your requirements best.

Reasons for choosing neon signs over digital signage

Neon signs are a form of commercial signage that dates back over 100 years, and they’re just as effective now as they were then. Here are a few reasons why neon is still popular today, and one thing you should know before buying custom neon signs for your business. Today’s technology is much more advanced than it used to be—from digital print to LED lighting, there’s a lot of advancements in signage. But neon lights still have their place in marketing; here are a few reasons why you should consider using custom neon signs for your business over other methods of advertising.

Factors to consider before purchasing

Neon signs have been a staple of nighttime advertising for decades, but there’s more to selecting a neon sign than just size and shape. When choosing your neon sign, you need to take into account factors like location and lifespan (is it something that will be installed indoors or out?), but also consider aesthetic. Is it too boring? Will it be noticed amid all other signage in your area? Would people mistake it for another type of sign altogether? You may not think about these issues until you walk into your store and realize how unappealing that ugly old sign is on the side of your building. If you’re looking for custom-made neon signs, CustomNeon has got everything you need!

Tips on installation and maintenance

While having a neon sign custom designed can be expensive, it’s a one-time expense. Installation is quick and easy, and once you have it up, maintenance is simple. To keep your neon signs looking their best over time, make sure they get regular cleaning and avoid any changes in temperature that might cause condensation. Watch out for electrical surges as well; if you notice problems with your lights or plugs in your business, contact an electrician for help immediately. The faster you catch anything like that, the better off you’ll be—your investment is worth it! After all, neon signs are an excellent way to promote your brand and impress visitors—and you want them looking amazing as long as possible.

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