VinylTiles vs. Ceramic Tile: Major Differences

Vinyl tile isessentiallythe samesubstanceemployed for flooring made of sheet vinyl. It is aextremely thin and man-made productmade ofPVC plastic that is coated withbacker made of fiberglass or feltlayerand covered withan image layer and aclearwear layer.For tileflooring it iscut into squares that rangebetween 9 and18 inchesin diameter.Certain forms of vinyl tile are referred to ascomposite tiles comprise a certain amountofpulverized stone dust duringtheir productionprocess.This provides them with a bit moreauthenticity than just vinyl tiles made of plastic.

Another formto consider vinyl tilethe luxury version, a much thickerkind of vinyl flooring thatjoins by means of click-lockedges, instead of being setusing troweled-on mastic.Luxury vinyl comesinplank form and tileform. The tilesaregenerally known asLVT,also known as luxury vinyl tiles.These tiles have a bit morestatus than standardvinyl tiles and can bemoreexpensive.

Ceramic tile iscreated fromnatural earth clays mingledwith other substances, coatedwith a coating of glazebefore being baked in ovensto set them. Porcelaintiles are a distinct categoryof ceramic tile; porcelaintiles areconstructed fromhigher quality clays andmade by firing them at higher temperatures in order to makethem harder and more durable.

Ceramictile is usedother on floors, orforcountertops, wallsor showers, while vinyltiles areused exclusivelyfor flooring.


Vinyl Tile

While vinyl floor tile istypically designed to look similar toceramictiles, the imitationcan be difficult to convince;nearly everyone can discernthedifference between a vinyl floorand aceramic or stonetile floor.However, the vinyl floor tilecan be found in a widerange of colors and styles. From apure design view, you will haveany option youwould like.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tilecan be purchasedina rangeofstyles and colorsthough you will pay quitemuch for thesophisticated designs of tiles. Ceramic tilehas a lotofthe glamor of a flooring.Ceramic tiles, in particular can be found in manyattractive designs for aflooring material.

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Best for Appearance: Ceramic Tile

A majority of people would agreethat ceramic tilehas anedge when it comes toappearance. Vinyl tile,after all, generally aims at mimickingceramic tileand itis often easy to identifyby its imposter.

Water and Heat Resistance

Both vinyl and ceramic tileshave the samethe resistance to water sincethey are both completely waterproof.They both havejoints that can lead tothepossibility of moisture leakinginto the underlayment orsubfloor.

Vinyl Click Tiles

In its entirety a syntheticmade-of-man vinyl tile isprotected from water damage,however, the numerous seams betweentilescan let waterpass through thetiles.Therefore, vinyl tile isnotas immunetomoisturelikesheet vinyl. Vinylis susceptible to damageby extreme heat, whichwill melt and scorch it.Vinyl can also releasetoxic gasses if it is ignitedwithin a home fire. 1

Luxury vinyl tiles or plankscould be a bit morethan normal in termsmoisture penetration asthey do not fittogether as well as they dowith normalvinyl tiles.However, the vinyliswaterproof andproblems are not likely providedthe spills and puddlescleaned up.

Ceramic Tile

As a substance, ceramictile is alsoresistanttowards water damage. Theflooring’s surface offers goodresistance towater penetrationprovided that the grout seamsproperly maintained and sealed. Ceramic tile isimpervious to heat-related damage.

Best for Water and Heat Resistance: Ceramic Tile

Bothmaterials have good inherentresistance to water damagehowever,theyalso have seams that canallow moisture to gettothe subfloor.However, ceramictile ispractically imperviousheat,whilevinyl tilecan bedamageddue to heat.

Care and Cleaning

Bothvinyl and ceramictiles arevery easyto clean.Regularly sweeping along with regular dampmoppingusingmild soap solutions isenough to take care ofbothflooring materials.

Vinyl Tile

Vinyl tile isamongthemost simpleflooring materials tokeepin good condition.

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Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tilegrout linescould become stainedas the seal coat ispermitted to degrade.When this happens it is necessary to scrub the grout withgrout cleaner that contains bleachisessential.

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Best for Care and Cleaning: Vinyl Tile

Since it doesn’t havegrout linesto collect stainsor mildew Vinyl tile is theeasiest flooring material to keepclean.

Durability and Maintenance

Vinyl Tile

Vinyl tilewill have an expectedlife span of around 10yearsunder normal use. Vinyl is a strongmaterial that is somewhat softwhich is susceptible to gouges, andscratches, butreplacingdamaged tilesisn’t difficult. It’spretty simpletoget the tile heated to releasethe adhesive,then pullit off,scrape clean the floorandthen glue down a newtile.

Ceramic Tile

It is also amuchmore durable product, andlife spans of 40 years ormore are common.Damaged tiles can be removedand replaced.Lines of grout on ceramic tilesare required to be sealed after a fewyears, and cleaned shouldtheyare stained or dirtybymildew.

Best for Durability and Maintenance: Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tiles aresolid material with outstanding durability.


Vinyl Tile

Traditionally, vinyltiles areplaced using a glue-down gluewhere flooring mastic getsapplied to the floor prior tothe tiles aresetinto position in individual.But now, self-adhesive tiles dominatethe market.These tiles’ adhesivehas been applied by a factory, and then coated withan outer layer of paper that’speeled away when it’s timetoinstall the tiles. Vinyl tile isone ofthetop flooring optionsfor DIYers, thanksto its simplicity of installation.

A variety of different luxury vinyltiles and planks are installedto create”floating” floors, inwhere individual pieces are joinedby a snap-lock mechanismwhich holds the planks ortilestogether atthe edges.The process of installation is similar to the oneis used to install laminate flooringand it is extremely easyforDIYers.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic or porcelaintiles areput in place using a thin-set bonding adhesivethat is used to adherethe tiles onto an underlaymentmade of cement.Partial tiles can be cutwith a manual tool thatscores and snaps the tiles using a powerwet saw.Once the glue is dryand the joint is filledmortar-basedgrout. Itis sealed when it has driedcompletely.Although ceramic tile installation islabor-intensive,manyDIYersare able to do the job successfully.It is however morecommon for ceramic tilefor installationbyprofessionals.

Best for Installation: Vinyl Tile

Vinyl tile isa verysimpleflooring materialfor DIYers toinstall.Ceramic tile installation islabor-intensive, however it’sabsolutely possible for DIYers toaccomplish it.


Vinyl Tile

In general, Renovation  it isan extremely affordable typeof flooring.Vinyl tiles that self-adhesive are available atbig-box home-improvement stores usuallytend to cost$1.50approximately to $3.5 per squarefootand professional installation generally costsapproximately $3 per square foot. Vinyl tileis easy to put inyourself.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramictile costs around$5 per squareft for the materialfor the sole material, and ranges from a coststarting at $1.22 for plain whitetiles, andthe greater of $20 for square-footpremium porcelain tiles.The cost of professional installation is between$4tothe price of $14 for a square footbasedon labor costs inyourarea and the complexityof thejob demands.

Best for Installation: Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl tileis an excellentflooringchoice for DIYers, whereasinstalling ceramic tile requiresthe most work.


Vinyl Tile

Vinylfloor tile typically isto be replaced within10 years, although longerlives are possible in lighter-usecircumstances.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramictile can last fordecades, with lifespans of40or more years being quitetypical.

Best for LIfespan: Ceramic Tile

There is no doubt about it: Ceramic tile is alonger-lasting and durableflooring material.

Environmental Considerations

Vinyl Tile

Vinyl flooringis made up of a myriad of toxicchemicals.Although they are safein their manufactured form,these chemicals will notdisintegrate in landfillsand there is the potentialfor release of toxic gases whenthe flooring is burned. 1 Environmentally conscious homeowners areconcerned about the usage ofvinyl flooring.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile isa completelynaturalproduct that has nothingharmful in its constituents.Old ceramic tile creates nocontaminants when it makesits wayto the landfill.

Best for the Environment: Ceramic Tile

Since it is free ofchemicals, ceramic tileisa better choicewhen it comes to environmentalissues.


Bothceramic tile and vinylare available in an arrayofshapes and sizeshowever ceramic tile offersmore options.

Vinyl Tile

Vinyl tilesare typicallysquare , and rangefrom 9 to 18inchesacross.

Ceramic Tile

Tiles made of square ceramic generally beginaround 3 inches wide they can go up to18 inches. However, theyalso comeintiny mosaic tilesattachedto meshbacking in geometric shapesas well as in rectangular shapes.

Best for Sizes: Ceramictile

Ceramic tilecomes in a variety of shapesdimensions and shapes thanvinyltile.

Resale Value

Vinyl Tile

Vinyl flooring istypically regardedasa floor that is considered to be economical,however, this is not trueof the modernpremium vinyl tiles.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic or porcelain floor tilesare invariablyconsidered as highly desirable flooring materialsby real estateprofessionals andprospective buyers, especially ifthe flooring uses designerporcelain tiles.

Best for Resale Value: Ceramic Tile

Awell-maintained ceramic tile floorwill always stand outand has a better real estate valuethanflooring made of vinyl.

Comfort and Sound

Vinyl Tile

Vinyl tile floors sincethe material is tough they are more comfortableand quietin comparison to rock-hardceramic tile. Inakitchen,a china platedroppedon vinyl may be able to withstand and shatter, whereas it is aexpected occurrence when it falls ontoceramic tile.Vinyl flooring isvery durable as a flooring material especially when laid on top ofconcrete flooring.

Ceramic Tile

Apart from being extremelydurable, ceramic tile isalsooften a very cold flooring option unlessit is installed overthe floor with a radiantheating system, which willtransform it into an incrediblysoftflooring.

Best for Comfort and Sound: Vinyl Tile

These flooring types aresoft underfoot. However, vinyltilebeatsceramic tile because it’ssomewhat softer.

The Verdict

Themajor advantages ofvinyl tilelies inits low cost and itssimple DIYinstallation.On other aspectsofcomparison,ceramic tileis a superiorflooringsurfacewith a higherappearance, durability,and greater resale potential.

Bathroom Finishes

Tiling a bathroom or Toilet Overlay  can have the biggest effecton the outcome of youbathroom.It is possible to choose differentcolours or go with matchingyour tiles to the wallsin order to have a consistent style.Instead, usebathroom accessories to add colortothe room.

For bathrooms that are smaller it is sensibletomake the tiles theidentical colour to make theroom seem biggervisually.Select bright coloured finishes tomake the space feel larger.

Select flooring that is well-aged, as floor tiles willencounter a large volumeofuse and consistentdampness.

Wall tiles for shower areas

Classic wood-grained feature wall

Vertical subway tiles for walls

Larger vs Smaller Tiles

Choosing larger floor tiles will makethesurface appear bigger.There will be lessgrout lineswhere dirt couldbe stuck to, as opposedtotiny mosaic tiles.

Smaller tiles, on theother hand , concentrate the attentionandadds levels of detailswhich makes the space feelalive and warm.Tiles with smaller sizes aretypically used in showerssince they are less likelyto slip.

Overlaying Tiles

Ifyou’ve got an oldtiled bathroom and want to overlay new tiles overexisting tiles both on the flooras well as walls is also an option.The overlaying process will save youaround 30% in comparisonhacking, which can bringtheinconvenienceofnoise and dust.

However, one mustlook over and make surethat allfixtures and doorsprovide at least a 10-15mmroom for a rise infloor height.

Anti-Slip Floor Tiles

Ifyou havethe elderly at home,selecting anti-slip floor tilesisa wise choice.It is important to avoid slips in an issuefor people with a disability who frequentlyfall or slip since the floor willbe slippery and wet right aftertaking a shower. There aremany floor tilesthat have anti-slip propertiesin many styles that don’thinder the aestheticsof thespace.

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