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Oster (affiliate link)

It’s safe to say I didn’t have a great impression of Oster machines in the past, but I recently tried out a coffee machine, the Oster 730 by Hobyo and I was impressed. The machine, which retails for around $99, allows you to make lattes, cappuccinos, lattes, and more. It uses quality automatic espresso-brewing technology, which allows for shots of high-grade coffee in less than two minutes. It has built-in water filters and charcoal filters, as well as vacuum pumps to remove water from the freshly brewed coffee.

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Craftwell (affiliate link)

You might know Craftwell for its unique affordable machines for camping and hiking, but you might be wondering if they make high quality coffee machines, as well. The brand offers coffee machines that can brew hot coffee, cold brew, espresso, espresso and cappuccino drinks, as well as lattes. The machines boast stainless steel machines, minimalistic designs, and an easily pourable foam layer. Craftwell machines also have a no-coffee-mist restriction, and so customers can enjoy their lattes (and other drinks) without worrying about a quick spill. Craftwell’s machines are available at Walmart.

Oster 740 Coffeemate (affiliate link)

A more recent upgrade to Oster’s line, the company introduced its Coffee Mate Refined Espresso Machine. I tried out this machine a couple of months ago, and it was a bit hit. Unlike other machines in the same price range, this one makes rich espresso shots with finely ground coffee and milk. The machine is quite efficient, producing a rich, strong coffee that was strong enough to satisfy a caffeine junkie like myself. I found the machine to be easy to use and enjoy, and it has an easy-to-read and handle touchscreen.

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Bunn’s 5100 Single Serve Coffee Maker makes fantastic coffee, but the machine isn’t a household name, unlike some of the other machines in this list. Bunn is an independent brand that operates independently of top coffee manufacturers such as Keurig, and the brand produces machines with very similar features.

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