Turning on the sprinklers and jumping into the pool is as simple as it gets when it comes to summer fun. However, without proper  pool cleaning Alva FL  and Lehigh Acres, FL, that fun can come to an end quickly—and no one wants that! Waterborne bacteria and algae pose serious risks to swimmers of all ages, from skin rashes and ear infections to gastrointestinal illnesses like Cryptosporidium and Giardia.

What Does Pool Cleaning Include?

Pool cleaning starts with a thorough inspection of the pool. From there, the pool needs to be scrubbed down before it is sanitized. Pool chemicals are then added to balance the pH levels. Finally, debris is removed from the pool floor and skimmers. A pool should be cleaned at least once a week. In some cases, pools need to be cleaned more often depending on use or contamination. It is important to have pool maintenance for optimum water quality and safety for bathers. Pool Maintenance has been servicing pools for over 30 years throughout Southwest Florida. If you would like more information about pool service or any other services we offer please contact us today!

How Often Should Pools Be Cleaned?

When it comes to pool maintenance, the frequency at which pools are cleaned varies depending on the type of pool. If you have a salt water pool that doesn’t require the addition of chlorine or other chemicals to maintain its cleanliness, then you may only need to clean it once a year. In contrast, if you have a chlorine pool cleaning company Alva FL where chemical levels must be consistently monitored and maintained in order for it to be safe for swimming purposes, then you may need to get your pool professionally cleaned monthly or bi-monthly depending on how often your family swims. For pools with high levels of bacteria such as those found at health clubs or public pools that serve large numbers of people over short periods of time, professional cleaning may be necessary every day.

What Are the Benefits of Pool Cleaning?

Pool cleaning is important for the health and safety of swimmers. Pollution from leaves can lead to algae blooms which can produce toxic substances. Fecal matter from animals or humans can cause nasty swimmer’s itch. In addition, bacteria left on pool surfaces can cause eye, ear and skin infections as well as stomach illnesses. Our pool cleaning company in Alva FL offers services to help you keep your pool clean all year long! To learn more about our pool service options, contact us today!

How Can I Ensure My Pool Is Always Safe and Clean?

If you want your pool to be safe for your family and guests, there are a few things that you need to do. First, you will need to maintain the water quality. Make sure that the chlorine levels are at the right level by checking the pH balance. You should also have someone come out for weekly maintenance. Another thing that you should do is have a pool cleaning Lehigh Acres FL company come out monthly to clean up any debris that has been left behind from other activities. If you take these steps, your pool will always be clean and safe for everyone!

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