Do you want to make him crazyon bed and add somespice to your sex lives?There’s a chance for you.The most popularmale sex roles we’ve seenmenlike.To ensure that their partnerissatisfied and contentby sex, malesspend a lot oftime in bed.Now it is your turntoreciprocate the favor.Perform a reverse role andget your partner completelyon.Here are the most covetedrole models that men love because itisan importantelement of the human experience.These aren’t the boring,monotonous missionary roles.Learnmore!

1.Womanin thetop

This isa positionnobody hates. man loves it This lets you be onhigh and lead the way. men love this position Men are enthralledwhenwomen arethe boss and dominatesthesex scene.You will be enviousof the womanin control.Youdecide the pace accordingto yourpreferences, fromvery slow, and other times incrediblyrapid.Keephimguessing.

2.The reversecowgirl’s position

best position for couples The reverse cowgirlpostureisanother sex posture thatmenadore.In thisone the woman is atthe top and backfacestheman.It doesn’t havemucheye contact, or even a lotof touching however the stroking isenough tomake himexcited.You can stillkeep eye contact ifwish, but you cansimply lookat yourmanandgive him a little spice.

3.The standing position

After a fewtimes After a few attempts, you can achieve this.Standing is the position wherethe twoof youare sitting andthe manwalks infrom behind.Thisposition is greattoget the most benefitofthekitchen.You just need to bendforward and holdthekitchen platform while he penetratesyou.


This isone sexposition thatpermits a lotof bodytouching and thusit’s a very intimateposition.You and your partner needtosittogetherand themale will enter.The man is able toremain behindas you look attheman.You can also turnyour backtowardtheman sothathe is able to watchyour sex while you are sexing.

5.Lap Dance

It’shard to find anyonewhodoesn’t like sex indifferent places.You can graban old wooden chair andplace your partnerontop of it.Youcan eitherface him or not,however, thiswill make your mamafeel weak inknees.He’ll certainly lovethefeeling of you sitting besidehim and being in completecontrol.The other benefit ofthisposition is that you are able tolook over your man’s shoulderand kiss himover and over.

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