Some women are very pickyandpreferparticular types ofmen in terms of looks size,physical size, financial status,and race. what kind of man does a woman want ?

The majority of women areopen mind.Thismeanstheyareopen to encountering differentkinds of men, sothe men candraw them in fordifferentmotives.he is confident, charming charismatic, charming or makes her laughand so on.).

You will often see menwho are averageorless attractive, and areattracted to gorgeouswomen.In addition, you’llsee women having relationships withorbeing married to menfromall kinds ofraces.

The Ultimate Kind of Man

Themost desirable kindof man, that nearly allwomenwant to be,isagentleman who:

  • She is confidentin herself andwhen it comes to other people.
  • He is masculinewhen it comes to howhe thinks, feelsandapproaches life.If there’s a problemhe finds a solutionandcontinues to moveforward, not wastingtime in emotional turmoillike women).
  • Shewill be loved and respectedfor who she is,notfor what he wishestoalter her appearanceoralter.
  • Canlead both herself and herinto more profound feelings of respect as well as lovewith time instead ofbelieving that she will staywith him throughout the rest of his lifebecauseit felt good atthebeginning.
  • Has purpose in direction in life (i.e.the person has ambition) and is determined toachievewhat he’s aimingtoachieve in the longrun, rather than justbecoming a lost manwhodoesn’t even knowwhathe’s supposed to be doingwith his life or whodoes not have the motivationtopursuehis goals.
  • Is fearlessinrelationships, rather than enteringa relationshipwith aclosed mindora fearful mindset.

Men can all be actively attracted towomen.

While some men are bornwith moreattractive appearancesthan others,thatdoes not mean they cannot attractwomen indifferentways.through being confident, possessing aan masculine lookwhich makes womenappear feminine by comparison ormaking her laugh, or beingcharming and charismatic, etc.).

Attraction isdetermined by howwomenthink about men’s personalities the way he behaves, his character, and even his innerattributes.

Yes, there arewomen whojust wanta good looking guy However, the majority ofwomen aremuchmore what kind of man does a woman looking for  of manthey’ll take.

This video willshow youhow women feel attracted tomen and how to useit to makehimtheman they’re looking for.

As you will discover fromthevideo above The typesof menwomenfeel attracted to come invariousdimensions, shapes, and sizes.

For instance, any oftheabove types of menwill attract women,evenwhen they don’t havefashion looks, tonsof money or aren’ttall.

  • An alpha male.
  • Aman who is a mystery.
  • Ahandsomeman.
  • An overweight man.
  • Ashort man.
  • Abald man.
  • An uglyman.

The truth is thatnot all men arethe same.

They don’t wearidenticalclothes or listen to theidentical music, or followthesame lifestyle.

“Whattypeofmales are women attractedto?”

Why?Itisn’t a factor if women loveyou as a person orbelieve that you’re good at what you do.

It’sa good ideabeing kindto women,howeverit’s not all that importanttowomen unless you make themfeel attracted.

Beingfriendly to her isn’t the onlyfactor that makes her feelattracted to you.If youdesire her to beattracted to you, it’sall aboutdisplaying the personality traitsandbehaviorthatattract women naturally.

Example: A woman willfeel drawn to you whenyouentertain her, are confident and charming, and havean edgy look.

Ifyou’re anxious whenyou meet womenandyou’re not talkingin fear ofmakingthe wrong joke the woman will be upsetandbe less likely tolaugh at you.

Attractionis the first thing to happen and everythingis Flows Naturally After That

Ifyou wish to bethekind of manwomenlike, you have tobeginby making herfeel attractedby you wheneveryouare withher.

If youcan make womenfeel attracted,she willbe morewilling to havesex with your partnerand possibly becomingyourpartner.

For example: Ifa guy is passionateabout football, and a girlwho he has met isn’t a fan offootball,itdoes not mean that she will notwant to have sexwith him or becomehisgirlfriend or maybeget married to him one day.

Minor orminordifferences, such as differenttastes in music or lifestylepreferences, aren’t a big dealfor most women solong asthey’re able to satisfythefundamental elementof sexual attraction.

Inreality, if a woman getsinto a romantic relationshipwith aman who lovesfootball,she’ll likelybekeen to attendgames with him or watchsome of the games on TV in order tobe able to spendtime with him.

She doesn’thaveto be asports fanlikethe man she admires, but she is able tobe a fan and acceptthe sport assomething that makes him feel happy.

Whatkind of men doMost Women Not Like?

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Most women don’t likemen who:

  • Too nice.
  • Nervous or shy.
  • Insanity and confusioninlife.
  • The lack of charisma and personality.
  • A little arrogant or selfish.
  • There is no Alpha maletraits.

In essence, the onlyway to get ahead withwomen is tojust bethekind guyyou are. However, you musthave a little swagger.

Having balls means thatyou’re confident, you canbe assertivewhen you needto and possesstheconfidence to deal withwhatever challengeslifecan throw at you.

But don’t forgetto be thegood guy that youalready are.

Many guys arelost in the details of what womenare looking for in men. Whentheynotice a woman witha bad boy they think that allwomenare looking for that.

There are womenwhowould prefer to havean abusive boyfriend or lover However, most menaren’t like that. Theystill have a good time, get girlfriends, andeventuallygetmarried.

Why?A majority of women desireto find a man who has the strengthtotacklethedifficultiesof life.

A woman is likely to feel drawnto youif she feelsthis feeling of attraction towards you.

It’spretty much as simpleasit gets.

When you attract womenby this method, you’ll discoverthat you’re the kind of manwomenwill love.

However, the reasonyour results weren’t as goodpreviously was thatyouweren’t abletoactually attract womenandentice themwhen youspoketothem.

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