Before you can receive a buttock injection, you must know where to inject it. The buttock region has large blood vessels and a large sciatic nerve, so the site must be carefully selected. The buttock region is defined by 4 lines: the iliac crest, the buttock crease, the buttock groove, and the outer edge of the buttocks. Injections in the buttock should be done on the upper 1/4 of the buttock.

G method

The G method for 꽁머니 measurement is the more reliable method of determining the butt site circumference. This method is more accurate, less subjective, and better suited to people of any BMI. The G method requires you to clean the butt site thoroughly with alcohol and apply ice to the area to be measured.

However, the G method is not preferred by all practitioners, as the incision is located close to the sciatic nerve and major blood vessels. In addition, it’s important to protect the site from scratching and touching the incision, as this may cause infection. Also, if you notice a foul odor near the site, it’s important to report it to your surgeon. The cause is typically a seroma, a fluid accumulated at the site of surgery. It generally occurs after an inexperienced cosmetic surgeon performs the procedure.

Dorsogluteal site

The dorsogluteal site is not an ideal location for intramuscular injections, as it is near the sciatic nerve and major blood vessels. The proper location is in the upper outer quadrant, or third distance from the iliac crest, of the butt. The patient can be positioned either lying down or standing.

The dorsogluteal site is one of the most commonly used IM sites. However, it can be dangerous and should be practiced only after careful research. A study of first and second year nursing students showed that more than half of them did not correctly identify the location of the butt. The study also found that many students failed to identify the sciatic nerve or the nerve it controls.

Another injection site for the butt is the ventrogluteal site, located near the hip. However, this area contains the least fatty tissue, so it is not the most ideal location for IM injections. Therefore, a patient must undergo a thorough exam before undergoing an injection.

Two-stroke buttock injection

A two-stroke buttock injection involves inserting a needle into the buttock. The injection site must be located in the upper third of the line to avoid entering the hip joint or large blood vessels. The needle should be inserted with a 90-degree angle. The procedure may have temporary side effects, but should subside within 48 hours.

After identifying the target site, the nurse should insert the needle into the buttock. The nurse should position the needle so that the lever arm is above the skin, which will ensure a comfortable, painless injection. The patient should remain seated and keep a neutral facial expression. If the needle reaches bone, it should be withdrawn from the patient.

Optimal circulation

In the case of intramuscular injection, the buttocks are the preferred sites. Other sites include the thighs and the upper arms. The deltoid is a muscle that stretches from the outer surface of the upper arm to the point where the arm meets the shoulder. In case of a procedure that is done on the upper arm, the deltoid is the muscle that lies between the shoulder and the elbow. The site for injection should be rotated during the procedure to avoid bruising and the formation of an abscess.


Although infection is uncommon after buttock augmentation, it can occur in the surgery site if the area is not kept clean after the procedure. Cleanliness is essential in preventing infection, and patients are instructed not to touch or scratch the incision. If they smell a foul odor, they should contact the surgeon right away. In some cases, surgical fluid called seroma may collect at the site. This can happen after buttock augmentation surgery, especially when the procedure is performed by an inexperienced cosmetic surgeon.

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